Coaching Clinics

As a partner of the UTS Sparks Netball Association, we offer coaching clinics which are designed to meet a variety of players and teams needs, giving you the opportunity to pick a clinic that meets specific needs of your club, players and teams. The sessions range from foundational sessions that suit all stages of skill development, to masterclasses that are targeted at your top performing and representative athletes. If you are looking for more personal feedback we also offer specialist one on one coaching sessions and large group/team sessions.


Designed for players who are looking for one on one sessions to gain specific feedback on their position.

With the vast experience of our UTS Sparks players, they are able to share their extensive knowledge of their position. These one on one sessions have proven to be beneficial and have received positive feedback from players and parents.


These sessions are designed for larger groups, with various coaches running the session. This is suitable for all levels of netball and age groups, who are looking to develop and further their netball skills.

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Coaching Clinic Requests

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