Angel Barber

Mikaila Knezevic

Beth Thom

Mereana Peryoux

Grace Hill

Jordan Bedingfield

Olivia Lennon

I see leadership as building relationships. You build them with your teammates, your coaches, your officials. When you focus on this, teammates become sisters and the club environment becomes a second home, and that’s when great things can happen.

Brooke Lawrence

With her extensive experience, determination and positive attitude, we are excited to have Brooke as part of our 2016 roster at The Sparks.

Khalia Rasch

Khalia has been described as a smiling assassin and we can see exactly why! This tenacious defender makes moving the ball around the court extremely difficult!

Lisa-Marie Aitoa

With dreams to be a professional netball player and with idols like Sharni Layton and Mo’onia Gerrard, this driven and determined player is definitely one to watch!

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