Leah Howarth

Isabella Rankin

Ellen Spencer

Victoria Aoke

Adrienne Bogard

Brooke Paterson

Nicole Styles

We are super excited to have Nic at The Sparks. Commanding the defence end, where her presence is always known by any attacking player remotely near her.

Olivia Rowntree

Liv has always stood out on court. Not only is it just her height which makes her clearly identifiable, her dynamic defensive style has her pinpointed as a future star of the game.

Paige Pirotta

You’ll certainly know when this bright Spark is on the court, she’ll be the one taking intercepts left, right and centre!

Stephanie Macgougan

How lucky are The Sparks. We have Steph who has the enviable ability to play almost every position on court, which she does with such tenacity, making her an asset to our team.

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