Zone 34

Zone 34 Sports Physiotherapy is based in the Inner West, and our team is committed to providing high performance sports medicine and sports science services to our clients. UTS Sparks lead sports physiotherapist David Hillard is the Head of Medical Services with the Australian Boomers basketball team and has previously worked with Netball NSW Waratahs ANL and NSW U19 netball teams.

We believe in the importance of a thorough assessment of an injury, and rehabilitation will be structured and progressed to allow return to sport quickly and safely. Sessions are one to one, involving hands on treatment, accurate and reliable measurement to monitor your progress, and supervised rehabilitation.  Our physiotherapists will communicate as needed with athletes, coaches, S+C coaches and any relevant healthcare providers.

Our experienced team include Sports Physiotherapists:

  • David Hillard- Special interest in Lower Limb injuries, ACL rehab, and tendinopathies
  • Nicole Baer- Australian Ballet Physio
  • Jake Rowe- Shoulder physiotherapist

The Zone 34 team also includes an Exercise physiologist and Hand Therapist

Contact us on 02 9056 0850 or jump online via www.zone34  to book an appointment

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