Round 7 Match Review

Posted by: UTS St George Sparks
July 16, 2018

💣 Round 7 Match Review 💣

💥 U20s 💥
Our baby Sparks were up first battling it out against top of the table North Shore United. The opening quarter exposed both sides similarities in style and structure of play, with physical man on defence and holding shooters. The first quarter went back and forth with teams scoring goal for goal concluding the quarter with a draw at 12 all.

Few changes were made heading into quarter 2 with Ky-Mani at GS and Ash at GK. Again the battle between the two teams were tight. Tactical change during the second quarter saw Chaise come on at C. This impacted our attacking end straight away with Vassallo providing strong drives through court and circle edge feeds into Ky-Mani.

Heading into the 3rd quarter our Sparks were down by 4. Changes again introduced WD Mereana to the court with her debut in the pink and teal, saw our defence line turn ball over to close the lead, finishing the 3rd quarter at 40-40.

The intensity had risen in quarter 4 again with defence end turning crucial ball over for our attack end to score. Full court pressure from the sparks saw our attack add numbers to their intercept stats. However, North Shore United were able to replicate the same, ending this battle in a draw at 53-53. It was an amazing game to watch with Sparks supporters turning out to cheer on our girls.

🌟 Opens 🌟
Open Sparks had a great start with WA Ngawai producing some finesse on the court with her feeds into dominant GS Kristina Brice. The work between GA Nat and WA Ngawai saw some amazing plays inserted into the game.

Changes heading into the 2nd quarter saw Beryl introduced at GA. The hustle from defensive duo GK Keely and GD Jordan allowed for turnover ball with back up of WD Maddy Anderson. Unable to close the gap our opens finished the 2nd half 36-30.

Heading into the second half saw some accurate shooting and strong offensive rebounds from shooters GS Nat and GA Beryl. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to match the opens side of North Shore United, resulting in a 64-55 loss.

As this concludes the first round of games, we return back to the start with Round 8 against Central Coast Heart.