Round 4 Match review

Posted by: UTS St George Sparks
June 25, 2018

Fine form and mixed results in Round 4. Round 5 this week as we take on the Penrith Panthers June 18th.

It was a tough but gutsy game from the UTS Sparks Opens.

Sparks maintained composure throughout the game keeping the margins in each quarter close. The second quarter saw some especially strong attacking and defensive moves all over the court. Sparks continued to turn ball over and shoot from all areas of the goal circle right to the last whistle but it was the Fury who came away with the win.

8:40PM | U20s 
The first half of the U20s game was a fierce display of determination and fight, as the score remained close until our Sparkies took the match into their own hands.

Fury took the lead 15-11 at the first break but a calm, cool, and collected second quarter saw the Sparkies start to dominate. Capitalising on turnovers made by GD Jess Bowden and WA Chaise Vassallo, our U20s were up by 3 at halftime.

UTS’ junior team maintained intensity going into the third quarter with some beautiful passages of play led by Clare McCrohon. Quick ball movement around the circle ensured our young Sparkies led by 6 points going into the final 15 minutes.

A combination of relentless defence by Ashleigh Selwyn and minimal errors, afforded our young Sparkies a win by a margin of 12 points.

Q1 | SPARKS 11 – FURY 15
Q2 | SPARKS 25 – FURY 22
Q3 | SPARKS 38 – FURY 32
Q4 | SPARKS 54 – FURY 42