Round 14 Sparks v Hawks: Opens

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September 1, 2017

Round 14: UTS St. George Sparks 62 defeated ERNA Hawks 55.

UTS St George Sparks have claimed the Minor Premiership after defeating ERNA Hawks, 62-55, in the final round of the Samsung Premier League last night, 30 August, at the Genea Netball Centre.

Sparks shot out of the blocks to secure an early lead off the back to two notable turnovers; first by WD Amy Parmenter at a Hawks centre pass, and a swooping intercept on the circle edge by GK Olivia Rowntree helping to set the tone.

While Sparks looked to have control of the game, the Hawks steadily gained back some momentum in the dying stages of the opening quarter and managed to close in on UTS to trail by three goals.

Carrying their momentum from the first quarter, the Hawks soon had the scoreboard back on equal footing. Hawks GA Kiera Austin was a particularly strong asset to her team, picking up some handy turnovers to keep possession in their attacking third to increase their scoring opportunities.

But just as their opponents did in the opening term, the Sparks found some momentum

In the shadows of half-time. With Kristina Brice providing a strong target for UTS in the circle, the goal shooter put up six unanswered goals to help the Sparks extend their lead at the big break.

The penultimate quarter saw the Hawks once again climb back on the scoreboard, converting a series of intercepts and winning the quarter by a margin of two goals. But after they had put in the hard yards early, the Sparks were able hold onto a lead of four goals into the final quarter.

With their backs against the wall, the Hawks threw everything into the contest to pull back the deficit. But the Sparks proved too strong, withholding their opponent’s charge to finish in what was the highest scoring quarter for both teams – 20 goals to Sparks, compared to the Hawks’ tally of 17 goals.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
SPARKS | Q1: 14 – Q2: 29 (15) – Q3: 42 (13) – Q4: 62 (20)
HAWKS | Q2: 11 – Q2: 23 (12) – Q3: 38 (15) – Q4: 55 (17)

Starting Line-Ups
SPARKS | GS Kristina Brice, GA Beryl Friday, WA Claire O’Brien, C Kaitlyn Bryce, WD Amy Parmenter, GD Kara Styles, GK Olivia Rowntree
HAWKS | GS Amy Somerville, GA Kiera Austin, WA Georgia Marshall, C Taylah Davies, WD Sophie Halpin, GD Jessica Grant, GK Kristiana Manu’a

Shooting Statistics
SPARKS | 62/73 @ 85%
K Brice: 48/54 @ 89%
B Friday: 14/19 @ 74%

HAWKS | 55/63 @ 87%
A Somerville: 22/27 @ 81%
K Austin: 33/36 @ 92%

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