Round 3 Sparks v Fury: Opens

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June 14, 2017

Round 3: UTS St. George Sparks 58 defeated GWS Fury 43
Division: Opens

UTS St George Sparks convincingly won their 2017 Samsung Premier League Round 3 clash against the GWS Fury 58-43 at the Genea Netball Centre on Wednesday 7 June.

Sparks opened with a decisive play to score the first goal of the game, however, it wasn’t long until Fury shooters slotted in a goal. This set the precedent for the first quarter with both teams seemingly well matched. Sparks WD Amy Parmenter, also a GIANTS Netball Training Partner, read the Fury’s play well with noteworthy turnovers. As the buzzer sounded to conclude the first quarter the Sparks had a five-goal lead, 16-11.

A renewed Fury side fronted the court for the second quarter, GS Angelina Frketic working hard to successfully maneuverer around the fast paced Sparks GK Kara Styles. Sparks GD Nicole Styles provided key support for the mid court, with impressive passes from the centre third into the goal circle. Fast passing seemed to be the key for the Sparks’ attacking front, leaving Fury defenders in the lurch. An impressive partnership looked to be developing between Sparks GS Morgan Jenkins and GA Laura Towell, which led to a series of consecutive goals for their side to maintain a five-goal lead going into the third quarter.

Sparks brought on NSW Swift Claire O’Brien at WA to start the third quarter, feeding the ball to Sparks shooters. The intensity of the game ramped up, with the Fury looking for every opportunity to reduce the goal difference. Sparks GK Styles was the Fury’s downfall, however, with numerous intercepts and well-placed passes.

Going into the last quarter, Fury trailed by 12 goals. The team worked hard but unforced errors were costly and ultimately allowed the Sparks their first victory of the season, 58-43.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
FURY | Q1: 11 – Q2: 23 (12) – Q3: 32(9) – Q4: 43 (11)
SPARKS | Q1: 16 – Q2: 28 (12) – Q3: 44(16) – Q4: 58 (14)

Starting Line-ups
SPARKS | GS Morgan Jenkins, GA Laura Towell, WA Kaitlyn Bryce, C Belinda Loveday, WD Amy Parmenter, GD Nicole Styles, GK Kara Styles
FURY | GS Angelina Frketic, GA Abbey McFadden, WA Jamie Mann, C Vanessa Andrews, WD Madeline McCathie, GD Michelle Calderara, GK Peti Talanoa.S

Shooting Statistics

SPARKS | 58/70 @ 83%
M.Jenkins: 31/36 @ 86%
L.Towell: 27/34 @ 79%

FURY | 43/46 @ 93%
A.Frketic: 25/25 @ 100%
A.McFadden 18/21 @ 86%

Match reports by Jayllee Carter