A tough night in the office for both our Sparkies teams, but nonetheless a great effort from everyone. A special shout-out also goes to our Junior and Senior Academy girls who were awesome cheerleaders on the sidelines for both games.


It was a shaky start for our Opens when Heart took out the first 4 goals, however a lovely intercept by WD Belinda Loveday on the circle edge saw the Sparks find their feet and get into the game. Despite some tough circle defence by Heart, GA Natalie Eldridge delivered some beautiful drives in and around the circle, whilst C Kaitlyn Fisher and WA Amy Parmenter remained patient in feeding strongly.

The second quarter saw the Sparks start down by 7, but with the help of early intercepts by GK Matilda O’Donnell, Belinda Loveday, and multiple forced errors all round, Sparks quickly closed the gap to within 3. Jordan Bedingfield also came on into WD, making a great impact in threatening Heart’s attack.

The second half saw a few changes to the Sparks side, but the full court defence and handsover pressure remained strong, seeing even more turnovers. Ngawai Eyles, Amy Parmenter and Belinda Loveday also continued to control the attacking end and maintain composure, helping their side come back to within 3 at one point.

Although an incredibly gutsy effort throughout the match, we couldn’t quite catch Heart who in the end took out the game by 6. Make sure to catch our Opens back in action next week at 8:40pm where they take on the Manly Warringah Sapphires!

💣 8:40PM | U20S 💣

The first quarter certainly set the tone for the electrifying game to come between the U20s Sparks and Central Coast Heart.

With a couple of early turnovers forced by some great defensive pressure and handsover by GK Ash Selwyn and GD Jess Bowden, our Sparkies were off to a quick lead. Heart however, fought back quickly, and with a goal on the buzzer by Sparks GA Abbey Baker, we went into Quarter 2 up by 1.

This sense of urgency and determination from both teams never ceased, with the second quarter proving to be equally as close. A tip from GD Jess Bowden instigated the Sparks return to the lead, and with some beautiful footwork by WA Tahisha Hunt and circle edge drives by Chaise Vassallo, the Sparks were able to feed the circle strongly and increase their lead, going into the third quarter in front.

Slight changes to the team saw the second half start just as strong as the first, as our Sparkies scored the first 4 goals of the quarter thanks to critical turnovers by midcourters WD Clare McChohon and WA Tahisha Hunt, and shooting by GS Ky-Mani Schwenke and GA Georgia Westwood. Despite tireless defence all over the court, particularly by Ash Selwyn and Madi Hilton in the circle, Heart continued to put up a fight, and in the final 3 seconds of the quarter, GA Georgia Westwood put our Sparkies in the lead 1.

The last quarter was tough and intense, going goal for goal for the majority of the final 15 minutes. With around 9 minutes to go, Caitlin Campbell returned to C and Abbey Baker into GA, both stepping up to the immense pressure of the situation and doing an exceptional job in maintaining composure whilst the scores were tied. Although a relentless team effort throughout the entire game, Heart managed to clinch the win by only 1 goal in the final minute of the match.

It was a gallant effort by the whole team. Next week our U20s Sparkies take on Manly Warringah Sapphires at 7PM.

💣 Round 7 Match Review 💣

💥 U20s 💥
Our baby Sparks were up first battling it out against top of the table North Shore United. The opening quarter exposed both sides similarities in style and structure of play, with physical man on defence and holding shooters. The first quarter went back and forth with teams scoring goal for goal concluding the quarter with a draw at 12 all.

Few changes were made heading into quarter 2 with Ky-Mani at GS and Ash at GK. Again the battle between the two teams were tight. Tactical change during the second quarter saw Chaise come on at C. This impacted our attacking end straight away with Vassallo providing strong drives through court and circle edge feeds into Ky-Mani.

Heading into the 3rd quarter our Sparks were down by 4. Changes again introduced WD Mereana to the court with her debut in the pink and teal, saw our defence line turn ball over to close the lead, finishing the 3rd quarter at 40-40.

The intensity had risen in quarter 4 again with defence end turning crucial ball over for our attack end to score. Full court pressure from the sparks saw our attack add numbers to their intercept stats. However, North Shore United were able to replicate the same, ending this battle in a draw at 53-53. It was an amazing game to watch with Sparks supporters turning out to cheer on our girls.

🌟 Opens 🌟
Open Sparks had a great start with WA Ngawai producing some finesse on the court with her feeds into dominant GS Kristina Brice. The work between GA Nat and WA Ngawai saw some amazing plays inserted into the game.

Changes heading into the 2nd quarter saw Beryl introduced at GA. The hustle from defensive duo GK Keely and GD Jordan allowed for turnover ball with back up of WD Maddy Anderson. Unable to close the gap our opens finished the 2nd half 36-30.

Heading into the second half saw some accurate shooting and strong offensive rebounds from shooters GS Nat and GA Beryl. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to match the opens side of North Shore United, resulting in a 64-55 loss.

As this concludes the first round of games, we return back to the start with Round 8 against Central Coast Heart.

It was a great night on Wednesday for both our UTS Sparks divisions who both notched fantastic wins against the Penrith Panthers.

 7PM | U20s 

The start was a little shaky for Sparks, as Penrith made a quick turnover and were up 4-1 early in the first quarter. However, a tenacious team effort in our defensive end saw the scores swiftly even up after some beautiful transitions into attack, fast passages of play down the court, and shooting by Abbey Baker and Georgia Westwood. Special mention to Captain Caitlin Campbell who from the sideline with seconds to spare, managed an incredible pass into Georgia Westwood that allowed the margin to increase by 5 going into the second quarter.

With an impressive intercept by WD Clare McCrohon, followed by multiple turnovers in the circle respectively by GK Ash Selwyn and GD Jess Bowden, the U20s were quickly up by 8 early into the next 15 minutes.

The second half saw slight changes to the Sparks, as Ky-Mani Schwenke came into GS, and Madi Hilton into GD. Panthers maintained strong defence in our shooting circle, but with some smart feeds and stunning fakes by C Caitlin Campbell and WA Tahisha Hunt, the 20s were able to build on their lead even further.

Going into the last quarter, Bella Pickup came into GS, Lelani Tua into GA and Chaise Vassallo into WA. Despite these changes to the attacking end, there was definitely no variation in momentum, as our Sparks continued to demonstrate strong athleticism and speed.

The U20s took out the game 51 to 38, and are ready to take on ERNA HAWKS next week at 8:40pm.

 8:40PM | OPENS 

Our Opens Sparkies had their work cut out for them early in the first quarter, as scores were even for the first 7 minutes. With an intercept by C Belinda Loveday however, our Opens began their lead and went into the second quarter up by 3.

The second 15 minutes saw an early turnover by GK Te-Arn Bradley, and some exceptional ball movement around our attacking circle between shooters Natalie Eldridge and Kristina Brice, and mid-courters Belynda Loveday and Dani Bower. Jordan Bedingfield showed her experience with grinding defensive work and as a key driver in attack.

Changes to the team saw the second half start just as strong, as our Opens scored the first 3 goals of the third quarter. A combination of great one on one defence with strong communication, also saw some outstanding turnovers and held balls caused all over the court, demonstrating an unyielding full team effort from end to end. The Sparks came out on top, and were victorious by 11, winning their first match of the 2018 season.

Fine form and mixed results in Round 4. Round 5 this week as we take on the Penrith Panthers June 18th.

It was a tough but gutsy game from the UTS Sparks Opens.

Sparks maintained composure throughout the game keeping the margins in each quarter close. The second quarter saw some especially strong attacking and defensive moves all over the court. Sparks continued to turn ball over and shoot from all areas of the goal circle right to the last whistle but it was the Fury who came away with the win.

8:40PM | U20s 
The first half of the U20s game was a fierce display of determination and fight, as the score remained close until our Sparkies took the match into their own hands.

Fury took the lead 15-11 at the first break but a calm, cool, and collected second quarter saw the Sparkies start to dominate. Capitalising on turnovers made by GD Jess Bowden and WA Chaise Vassallo, our U20s were up by 3 at halftime.

UTS’ junior team maintained intensity going into the third quarter with some beautiful passages of play led by Clare McCrohon. Quick ball movement around the circle ensured our young Sparkies led by 6 points going into the final 15 minutes.

A combination of relentless defence by Ashleigh Selwyn and minimal errors, afforded our young Sparkies a win by a margin of 12 points.

Q1 | SPARKS 11 – FURY 15
Q2 | SPARKS 25 – FURY 22
Q3 | SPARKS 38 – FURY 32
Q4 | SPARKS 54 – FURY 42



🎆 7PM | OPENS 🎆
Tough night at the office for the UTS Sparks Opens. The opening quarter set an exciting tone for the match with Rodrigo putting plenty of pressure over the Manly shots and collecting 3 early rebounds. Sparkies hit their strides in the second term with plenty of punch coming from feeders Parmenter and Eyles. The game then ebbed into Sapphire territory through the second half of the game with some sharp shooting. The switch of McDonell to GD, and Styles to WD made sure that there was plenty of full court pressure but not quite enough capitalising to take the win in the end. Despite winning the final 5 minutes 7-3, Sparks will do their homework and get ‘em next time.


They take on Sutherland Stingrays next week. Come along to support your Sparkies!

🎇 8.40PM | U20s 🎇

The opening three-quarters of UTS Sparks U20’s against Manly-Warringah Sapphires was tightly contested, but it was the crushing full-court defensive pressure from Sparks that eventually reaped plenty of reward in the end. Special highlights include the agility and precision of Vassallo in creating some spectacular attack opportunities. She combined well with Hunt who was extremely impactful off the bench in the second half of the game. Bowden was tireless in defence, chasing scraps with her efforts paying dividends in the closing term.

Congratulations to starting Centre and Captain Campbell for leading her team to their first win the Samsung Premier League.


Our U20’s UTS Sparks take on Sutherland Stingrays next week. Be there to cheer them on