Emily Neal

Emily Nesbitt

Jordan Bedingfield

Olivia Lennon

I see leadership as building relationships. You build them with your teammates, your coaches, your officials. When you focus on this, teammates become sisters and the club environment becomes a second home, and that’s when great things can happen.

Tayla Fraser

Leadership is about doing your job on and off court so well you inspire the people around you. Everyone can be a leader, you don’t need a title, just look at Julie Corletto

Laura Towell

Laura is a focused and dedicated athlete who has proven herself as a NSW shooter of the future. Having played representative netball since a junior, Laura has progressed successfully through the player pathway, turning heads along the way.

Nicole Styles

We are super excited to have Nic at The Sparks. Commanding the defence end, where her presence is always known by any attacking player remotely near her.

Olivia Rowntree

Liv has always stood out on court. Not only is it just her height which makes her clearly identifiable, her dynamic defensive style has her pinpointed as a future star of the game.

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