Brooke Lawrence

With her extensive experience, determination and positive attitude, we are excited to have Brooke as part of our 2016 roster at The Sparks.

Chloe Robinson

This year Chloe utilised her strong defensive style and made the move into mixed netball, representing NSW in the Opens Mixed Team. It was a special moment being able to wear the Waratah in front of a home crowd at Netball Central.

Emma Turner

Experienced and long-time St George Representative player, Emma brings her passion and determination to The Sparks side in 2016. She was called up to the bench for her first Waratah Cup game at just 15 years of age and has been dominating on court ever since.

Holly Pearce

Her long bomb which is just as on point as her short shot, makes her a defensive player’s nightmare. We look forward to seeing her bring it in 2016.

Laura Towell

Laura is a focused and dedicated athlete who has proven herself as a NSW shooter of the future. Having played representative netball since a junior, Laura has progressed successfully through the player pathway, turning heads along the way.

Nicole Styles

We are super excited to have Nic at The Sparks. Commanding the defence end, where her presence is always known by any attacking player remotely near her.

Olivia Rowntree

Liv has always stood out on court. Not only is it just her height which makes her clearly identifiable, her dynamic defensive style has her pinpointed as a future star of the game.

Stephanie Macgougan

How lucky are The Sparks. We have Steph who has the enviable ability to play almost every position on court, which she does with such tenacity, making her an asset to our team.

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