Round 12 Sparks v Heart: U20s

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August 18, 2017

Round 12: UTS St George Sparks 56 d Central Coast Heart 43

UTS St George Sparks have secured their second win for the 2017 Samsung Premier League season in the Under 20s division after a convincing 13-goal win over Central Coast Heart on Wednesday evening, 16 August, at Genea Netball Centre.

However it was Heart who enjoyed the best start to the game, shooting out to an early lead; but the Sparks were quick to respond to limit the early damage.

Sparks C Madeline Eaton won a key intercept which lifted her side, and was ably assisted by defenders Matilda McDonnell (GD) and Ashleigh Selwyn who were dominated the opposition circle. The Sparks reaped the benefits of the duo’s hard work resulting in strong defensive rebounds and intercepts, giving the Sparks a handy seven goal lead at the first break.

The Sparks maintained their momentum into the second quarter – their defensive strength throughout the court making it difficult for Heart to have any opportunities to close the scoreboard deficit.

An impressive intercept from Sparks WA Tahisha Hunt on the circle edge stifled a turnover opportunity for Heart, abruptly stopping any thought of a Central Coast uprising. With their confidence high, UTS continued to utilise their possession to increase their lead.

Staring at a 10-goal deficit in the shadows of half-time, Heart GK Molley-Ann Crook was involved in back-to-back strong play to lift her teammates. Her efforts inspired the Heart to pull back to within six goals at the big break, setting up an exciting second half.

Having gained late momentum the Heart were on a roll, and the perceived change in course rattled the Spark who were guilty of costly handling errors early in the third term. However they soon found their early game form to regather and re-establish control on play.

With time quickly running out and play against them, Heart were unable to catch the Sparks despite a strong performance midway through the contest. In the end the Sparks were too strong to finish 56-43 victors.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
SPARKS| Q1: 16 – Q2: 29 (13) – Q3: 40 (11) – Q4: 56 (16)
HEARTS | Q2: 9 – Q2: 23 (14) – Q3: 32 (9) – Q4: 43 (11)

Starting Line-Ups
SPARKS | GS G Westwood, GA Tarsha Hawley, WA Tahisha Hunt, C Madeline Eaton, WD Paige Pirotta, GD Matilda McDonnell, GK Ashleigh Selwyn
HEARTS | GS Bronte Dooran, GA Maddlyn Wild, WA Hannah Frances Stewart, C Rebecca Eagan, WD Jazmyn Rodwell, GD Madison Hilton, GK Caelynn Ryan

Shooting Statistics
SPARKS: 73/56 @ 77%
G. Westwood: 36/45 @ 80%
T. Hawley: 11/12 @ 92%
M. Eaton: 6/10 @ 60
L. Tua: 3/4 @ 75%

HEARTS: 43/59 @ 73%
B. Doorn: 28/36 @ 78%
M. Wild: 10/13 @ 77%
J. Faimanu: 5/10 @ 50%

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