Round 9 Sparks v Sapphires: U20s

Posted by: Sparks Netball
July 28, 2017

Round 9: Manly Warringah Sapphires 52 d UTS St George Sparks 50

Manly Warringah Sapphires outran UTS St George Sparks 52-50 in the final minutes of their Round 9 Samsung Premier League clash at the Genea Netball Centre on Wednesday 26 July.

The first quarter ended in a 14-all with neither team able to get ahead of their opponents early in the game.

The Sparks shooters and attack started the game well with their moving shooting circle mitigating tight defence from the Sapphires, however, the Manly side were effective on their movement down the court – punishing any mistakes from their opponents by capitalising on turnovers.

The Sapphires started to climb on the scoreboard in the opening minutes of the second quarter, however, an intercept from Sparks GK Angela Cloeraine marked a change in momentum for her team as they became increasingly effective in delaying the Sapphires’ attack.

They were unable to take advantage of that strong defence on the scoreboard, however, with mid-court pressure from the Sapphires largely stifling the Sparks’ turnover conversion opportunities.

Despite that it was the St George side who finished the first half in the lead by one goal, 28-27.

The third quarter saw the score leveled once again, with the teams at 43-all going into the final quarter. Both sides took to the fourth quarter with a fighting spirit and increased speed and intensity caused a few loose balls and frantic game plays in the opening minutes of it.

However, both sides regained their composure quickly and the score remained goal-for-goal  going into the closing minutes of the game.

The Sparks made a number of mid-quarter substitutions throughout the final minutes, but it was Sapphires who ran out their opponents in the end, 52-50.

It was an important victory for the fifth-placed team as they push to keep their Finals hopes strong heading into the business end of competition.

Quarter-by-quarter scores
SAPPHIRES | Q1: 14 – Q2: 27 (13) Q3: 43 (16) Q4: 52 (9)
SPARKS | Q2: 14 – Q2: 28 (14) Q3: 43 (15) Q4: 50 (7)

Starting Line-Ups
SAPPHIRES | GS Jacoba Clough, GA Jade Harding, WA Annie Miller, C Latika Tombs, WD Georgiana Ralphs, GD Renee Davison, GK Eve Parker
SPARKS | GS Tarsha Hawley, GA Kaitlyn Fisher, WA Tahisha Hunt, C Caitlin Campbell, WD Paige Pirotta, GD Matilda McDonell, GK Angela Cloeraine

Shooting Statistics
SAPPHIRES | 52/59 @ 88%
J Clough: 43/47 @ 91%
J Harding: 9/12 @ 75%

SPARKS | 50/57 @ 88%
T Hawley: 25/32 @ 78%
K Fisher: 11/16 @ 69%
M Eaton: 10/15 @67%
G Westwood: 4/4 @ 100%

Match reports by Emma Hayman