Round 13: UTS St George Sparks v ERNA Hawks

Posted by: UTS St George Sparks
July 28, 2016

Round 13: UTS St George Sparks 55 d ERNA Hawks 40
Division: U20s

The UTS St George Sparks have maintained their lead on top of the 2016 U20s Samsung Premier League with an impressive 55-40 win over the ERNA Hawks in Round 13 at Netball Central on Wednesday 27 July.

The Sparks were tested early in the piece with the Hawks shutting down their play but neither side managed to find a much needed break early on, and like a game of tennis the ball was sent from one end of the court to the other.

Despite sitting on the bottom of the table the Hawks produced an outstanding team performance in the first quarter, and GK Deni Ross played a massive role keeping the ball out of the Sparks’ circle. The teams couldn’t be separated until the final minute of the first quarter when the Sparks intercepted the ball taking a one-goal lead which they took to the opening break.

The Sparks kicked into gear in the early stages of the second quarter, converting the first two centre passes, but some confident defence from Hawks WA Chelsea Loughrey upset UTS. The Hawks failed to capitalise on their opportunities, however, with some simple errors – including stepping in the goal circle – costing them. At the other end the Sparks were making the most of their opportunities and racing out to a big lead.

The Hawks began to lift with nine minutes to halftime, displaying a better and more composed game from which they produced two consecutive goals. But the Sparks lifted their intensity again and with five minutes remaining their lead had stretched to 13 goals, despite ERNA producing some good play.

Both teams came out firing in the second half and it was the Hawks who scored first and shut down the Sparks’ next play before a rushed pass allowed UTS get on the scoreboard again. A stray ball from the Sparks gave the Hawks another opportunity to reduce the deficit but an intercept from GD Paige Pirotta ruined their chance and they were punished for it.

The lead had blown out to 18 but the Hawks never allowed their heads to drop and kept their chances of victory alive. GD Kate Masters got her hands on a loose ball from which her side were able to capitalise. With four minutes to go ERNA GS Adrienne Bogard launched herself at a ball that was meant for the Sparks and once again the Hawks were looking confident.

But in the end the Sparks were too strong for the Hawks to handle, and the damage done in the second period – which the Sparks won 19-5 – was coming back to haunt ERNA.

Despite a tight third quarter, the Sparks had a 16-goal lead going into the last period and were well and truly on their way to a tenth victory which they secured comfortably in the end.

Quarter by quarter scores:

HAWKS | Q1: 11 – Q2: 16 (5) – Q3: 28 (12) – Q4: 40 (12)
SPARKS | Q1: 12 – Q2: 31 (19) – Q3: 44 (13) – Q4: 55 (11)

Shooting Stats:

HAWKS: 40/60 @ 67%
A Bogard: 6/11 @ 55%
V Jukic: 23/36 @ 64%
I Pickup: 11/13 @ 85%

SPARKS: 55/66 @ 83%
M Eaton: 33/38 @ 87%
J Tweedle O’Donnell: 13/16 @81%
G Mexted: 4/6 @ 67%
J Harding: 5/6 @ 83%

Starting Line-ups

HAWKS | GS Adrienne Bogard, GA Veronika Jukic, WA Chelsea Loughrey, C Ebony Burnard, WD Bethany Thom, GD Kate Masters, GK Deni Ross.

SPARKS | GS Maddy Eaton, GA Jazmin Tweedle O’Donnell, WA Tanisha Hunt, C Olivia Lennon, WD Lisa-Marie Aitoa, GD Paige Pirotta, GK Angela Cloeraine.


Round 13: UTS St George Sparks 47 d ENRA Hawks 38
Division: Opens

The UTS St George Sparks defeated the ERNA Hawks 47-38 in Round 13 of the Samsung Premier League after a thrilling four-quarter performance at Netball Central on Wednesday 27 July.

It was a tough game from the first whistle and the teams fought it out at both ends of the court with lots of commitment and effort on show.

Sparks got the upper hand early, shooting into the lead with a very composed and structured play with Amy Parmenter, Claire O’Brien and Kim Commane all involved. Some quick hands from Commane after a contact saw Laura Towell sink another goal and not long after the Styles sisters – Kara and Nicole – got the ball back for the Sparks to score again.

Sophie Halpin did her best at WD for the Hawks, intercepting a loose ball after a very tough couple of minutes of play where the ball was sent back-and-forth until ERNA ended it.

Holly Pearce entered the court for the Sparks and got her hands on the ball in the last minute of the first quarter and did a great job to keep the scoring rolling and her side had an impressive six-goal lead at the first break.

The Hawks looking better at both ends of the court in the second period and successfully evened the score after increasing their intensity and putting pressure on the Sparks attack.

A rushed pass from Georgia Marshall, however, allowed Kara Styles to leap and turn the ball over for another great run from the Sparks. But just like that Kiera Austin came firing back at the UTS defence, forcing them to make an error which saw the Hawks score back-to-back goals in a space of a minute.

Young Taylor Frazer stepped onto the court in place of O’Brien with seven minutes to go to halftime and she made an immediate impact with some energetic attacking. ERNA were hot on the Sparks’ heels, matching their every play and with the scores locked at 17-17 the game was turning into a real battle.

Once again Kara Styles dominated in defence, giving the Sparks another small break to open the game up and maintain momentum. Taylah Davies and Belynda Loveday were slogging it out at centre, running each other ragged as the quarter drew to a close, but the Sparks still held the lead.

The Hawks started the third quarter in strong fashion but a level-headed Sparks outfit never dropped their guard and maintained their lead. Commane held her own in the circle while Pearce created space for Frazer and Loveday to feed into the shooter and the Sparks had a six-goal lead at the final break.

A good fourth-quarter start from the Hawks put them back in the game and before long they were back within three goals. Emily Bills performed well in GS for ERNA, taking ownership of the circle, while Austin, Davies and Halpin drove the ball down the court.

UTS tried to break away but no matter how hard they worked the couldn’t shake ERNA off, however, they had enough to see the game out.

Quarter by quarter scores:

HAWKS | Q1: 7 – Q2: 20 (13) – Q3: 29 (9) – Q4: 38 (9)
SPARKS | Q1: 13 – Q2: 23 (10) – Q3: 35 (12) – Q4: 47 (12)

Shooting Stats:

Team Totals: 38/49 @ 78%
E. Bills: 20/25 @ 80%
K. Austin: 18/20 @ 75%

Team Totals: 47/62 @ 76%
K. Commane: 28/37 @ 76%
L. Towell: 4/5 @ 80%
H. Pearce: 9/13 @ 69%
C. Russell: 6/7 @ 86%

Starting Line-ups

HAWKS | GS Emily Bills, GA Kiera Austin, WA Georgia Marshall, C Taylah Davies, WD Sophie Halpin, GD Jessica Calderara, GK Karli Ireland.

SPARKS | GS Kim Commane, GA Laura Towell, WA Claire O’Brien, C Belynda Loveday, WD Amy Parmenter , GD Nicole Styles, GK Kara Styles.