Round 7: UTS St George Sparks v North Shore United

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June 9, 2016

Round 7: UTS St George Sparks 59 d North Shore United 42
Division: Opens

The UTS St George Sparks have secured their fifth win of the Samsung Premier League Opens division season after coming from behind to defeat North Shore United 59-42 at Netball Central.

It was a quick and sharp opening quarter from both teams across the court with North Shore narrowly edging in front of Sparks after a tough 15 minutes.

With only three goals separating the teams heading into the second quarter, the Sparks were quick to turn the game around after a nice intercept in United’s goal third which resulted in three consecutive scores for UTS St George to draw level.

The Sparks held their composure as the quarter wrapped up, while North Shore watched their lead diminish and were unable to utilise their possession.

United did step up their game in the third quarter, however, adding pressure to an impatient Sparks outfit but in response the Sparks midcourt combined well to bring the ball down the court while their defence continued to win possession.

They continued their dominant performance for the remainder of the game, while United could find solace in the fact their attacks combined well in the centre and goal third right to the end.

Quarter by quarter scores:

SPARKS | Q1: 10 Q2: 25 (15) Q3: 42 (17) Q4: 59 (7)

UNITED | Q1: 13 Q2: 23 (10) Q3: 32 (9) Q4: 42 (13)

Starting Line-ups:

SPARKS | GS Holly Pearce, GA Laura Towell, WD Amy Parmenter, WA Tayla Fraser, C Belynda Loveday, GD Nicole Styles, GK Stephanie MacGougan.

UNITED | GS Emily Moore, GA Kadeen Corbin, WD Hayley Wilson, WA Victoria Trist, C Madeline Woods, GD Ash Fong, GK Nardia Macdonald.

Shooting Stats:

SPARKS: 59/75 @ 79%
H. Pearce: 24/30 @ 80%
L. Towell: 4/6 @ 67%
N. Eldridge: 27/32 @ 84%
C. Russell: 4/7 @ 57%

UNITED: 42/50 @ 84%
E. Moore: 21/24 @ 87%
K. Korbin: 21/26 @ 79%


Round 7: UTS St George Sparks 44 d North Shore United 40
Division: 20s

The UTS St George Sparks defeated North Shore United 44-40 at Netball Central in Round 7 of the Samsung Premier League U20 Division on Wednesday 8 June.

Both sides struggled early in the game, unable to capitalise on possession and made simple errors at both ends of the court.

The fourth-placed Sparks looked to have the upper hand in the first quarter but were tested by United towards the latter stages of it who went to the first break trailing by one goal (11-10).

Sparks found their rhythm again in the second quarter, however, taking a 24-15 lead out of it after showing a more confident and settled game.

North Shore struggled to catch up as the Sparks’ impressive performance continued into the third quarter with a number of change overs that they were able to successfully convert.

United didn’t give up and showed good spirit which allowed them the chance to gain a couple of loose balls from the Sparks attack.

Despite being unable exert control over the game, North Shore finished the third quarter strong with 12 goals, just one less than their opposition who took a 10-goal lead to the final break.

United added pressure again in the fourth quarter with four consecutive goals and continued narrowing the gap to just four goals with only five minutes remaining, but the Sparks maintained their composure to see out the win.

Quarter by quarter scores:

SPARKS | Q1: 11 Q2: 24 (9) Q3: 37 (13) Q4: 44 (7)

UNITED | Q1: 10 Q2: 15 (5) Q3: 27 (12) Q4: 40 (13)

Starting Line-ups:

SPARKS | GS Jade Harding, GA Kaitlyn Fisher, WD Jaz Trunddle O’Donnell, WA Tahisha Hunt, C Caitlin Campbell, GD Paige Pirotta, GK Angela Cloeraine.

UNITED | GS Georgina Woods, GA Chloe Fryday, WD Grace Hill, WA Grace Pilon, C Madeline Anderson, GD Tara Rigney, GK Emily Nesbitt.

Shooting Stats:
Team Totals: 44/60 @ 73%
J. Harding: 16/22 @ 73%
K. Fisher: 25/33 @ 76%
G. Mexted: 3/6 @ 60%
Team Totals: 40/55 @ 73@
G. Woods: 17/26 @ 65%
S.J Carfield: 10/14 @ 71%
A. Ballesty: 13/15 @ 87%


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