Styles Sisters Ready To Sparks

Posted by: UTS St George Sparks
April 1, 2016

When the UTS St George Sparks Open side commence their Samsung Premier League season campaign on Wednesday 20 April at Netball Central, sisters Kara and Nicole Styles will be standing shoulder to shoulder as they compete against some of NSW’s best netballers.

For younger sister Kara, the chance to play with her oldest sister Nicole (pictured in action), is another great opportunity to enjoy the sport that they love, and get some sister time in too!

“Both my sisters are older than me – I’m 21 this year, Nicole is 26 and Megs is 25 and we’ve played together…and of course, I have always watched them from the sidelines when younger too,” explains Kara.

“When I was really little, even when I was in Nettas, I always had one of them coaching me and when I finally graduated from juniors I was so excited to be playing with them. I learn so much from them but they always boss me around when I play with them,” laughs Kara.

The Samsung Premier League is a 14 week competition plus finals series, which features eight newly created Clubs in an Open and 20/U Division format;  Central Coast Heart, ERNA Hawks, GWS Fury, Manly Warringah Sapphires, North Shore United, Panthers, Sutherland Stingrays and the Styles sisters’ own UTS St George Sparks.

“I’m super pumped for the Premier League. We’ve all heard great things about the competition and it’s going to be great to play against the other girls and the other teams in the main competition.”

Both Styles sisters play defence, so it will be possible to see the sister-act on court together and taking on some of the best NSW shooting combinations in the state.

“I think that we have a good combination going – when I play defence with Nicole…and I’m hoping it’s going to be a strong competition – that each game is tough and makes us better players,” Kara says.

“I’m excited for the competition to start.”

Make sure you head to Netball Central on Wednesday evenings from 20 April – August to see some of NSW best netballing talent on court in the 2016 Samsung Premier League.

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